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Food packaging is the core and the tenet of NICE international company whose general business includes paper-made food packaging manufacture and sales , plastic-made food packaging manufacture and sales, paper-made product automation equipment research and development and management informationization research and development.

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    Avre you a manufacturer or a trading company? what’s your lead time ?

    We're manufacturer company,we have our own factory and production line,and our service, after-sale, the quality of our products are guaranteed.We have also supplied goods for Disney, lego(in Japen), and tiffany..etc :)I'll send u some certificates later. And it usually takes 15 working days for production.And if you need special packing and print color or logo on the packing,there should be more time to prepare.

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    What methods of payment do you accept for the full-order ?

    Our company stipulates that both the buyer and the seller sign the sales contract and seal it. After the buyer confirmed the contract,the buyer shall first pay 40% of the total cost as the deposit. Every step of our production will be taken photos for customer confirmation.And when the goods are all finished and ready for express delivery, the buyer shall pay the remaining 60% .

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    Is it possible to put our logo on your product or product packaging? If so, what is the cost ?

    Yeah we can accept special cost and print logo on the packs.If you have special requirements for the quantity in each bag, the price of each package depends on the quantity you need to pack each bag.And you may need to tell me the quantity you wanna put in each package.And if you need print logo or color on the package,you may need to pay extra for printing fee on special packing bags.

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    How are you treating one of the most problem with cups, leaks on the bottom of the cup ?

    Our products have never had any leakage problems,cuz you know, water leakage is a very serious and bad problem for a company that specializes in making paper cups.We are confident that our products will not have this problem,and if this kind of problem occurs, we can guarantee that we will be responsible to the end.

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    Is your products microwave safe ?

    Our cups are ok for a short time. But if u really need cups which are suitable for microwave, we can use another materials which is more suitable for microwave,but this materials is more expensive.

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